Run run run

As some of you know, I’m OBSESSED with running.

In fact, I haven’t missed a single day of running since 1/1/2016.

That’s XXX consecutive days!!

I’m also obsessed with data.

So I recently wondered what all that data would look like. These plots span 11/25/2011 (the first run I tracked with GPS) to 6/30/2020. They're of course downsampled AF (though still huge, relatively), otherwise they'd break your browser:

Jayden Runs SF [Heatmap]
Jayden Runs Boston [Heatmap]
Jayden Runs NYC [Heatmap]
Jayden Runs Everywhere Else [Heatmap]

And for summary:

Oh, The Places I’ve Run

Needless to say, I get around. :)

New goal: fill in every street of SF.

Happy running/data-ing!